Sound And Territory: The Effect of a Hundred Year Divorce

The actual title suggested to the publication was Sound, Territory and Reconciliation: the Consequence of A Hundred Year Divorce. However, Dźwięk i terytorium. O skutkach stuletniego rozwodu sits just fine with me.

With thanks to Marcin Barski, who took some of the themes wrapped up in some of my notes and articles and combined them into this one piece for Poland’s Soundscape Institute (Instytut Pejzażu Dźwiękowego)

As the material is often speculative, with me performing the role of the archaeologist sifting through the sand awaiting a moment of discovery and revelation, it seems to me entirely appropriate for some of these ideas to be published in a language I cannot understand.

As an English speaker with an interest in the territory, there is a lot of fun to be had with the Institute’s published articles and Google Translate.

Here is the direct link to the article: