“Begg is one of our most significant contemporary experimental composers. A true visionary, Begg has quietly developed his own unique and affecting compositional style and sound.” The Active Listener

Michael Begg is a sound artist and musician based in East Lothian, Scotland.

Michael Begg’s music is located in the place where formal composition and electronic erosion meet; a liminal space coloured by longing and discomfort. Field recordings play an increasingly significant role in his work, though no more so than landscape, painting or walking. His longstanding Human Greed collaboration with Deryk Thomas has resulted in 5 full albums (Consolation, 2001; Pilgrim: New World Homestead, 2006; Black Hill, 2008; Fortress Longing, 2011, World Fair, 2014) and a further 4 credited to Michael Begg/Human Greed (Dirt on Earth, 2012; OMEGA, 2013, Hivernant, 2015; Let The Cold Stove Sing, 2016) In 2016, he also released A Moon That Lights Itself, a full length recording of a commission from National Galleries, Scotland.

He contributes to Clodagh Simonds’s Fovea Hex, and is a core member of the performing unit that has appeared in Italy, Spain, Ireland and, notably, in Paris at the Fondation Cartier at the personal invitation of David Lynch.

His Fragile Pitches collaboration with Colin Potter was commissioned by Edinburgh City Council to be performed in the city’s St Giles Cathedral and subsequently headlined Poland’s Intermediale Festival, and was released as a 2CD in 2008.

Occasionally providing sound design and music for theatre, he remains closely involved in an ongoing collaboration with Moscow’s blackSKYwhite theatre company. Output from the theatre and gallery work can be found on the recordings Omega and Let The Cold Stove Sing.

Having come to musical composition via writing, he continues to scribble, and in addition to texts used in his recordings and the blog entries found on this site his articles on music and theatre have appeared in Sound on Sound, The Quietus,  Audio Media International, Total Theatre, The Scotsman, Adverse Effect and Paraphilia.

He manages his own label and mail order service, Omnempathy, and runs his own specialist mixing and mastering studio, Captains Quarters.

In 2016, he was appointed to Creative Scotland’s RFO Artistic and Creative Framework Peer Review panel. He is also included among the portfolio of artist educators at Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery.

“ There used to be a trinity of Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and Coil. Now the sonic gate keepers are a quartet; Nurse, Current, Cyclobe and Human Greed.” Was Ist Das