Fango Radio (Italy) One Hour Special

“Let’s Panic Later” is the name of a bi-weekly programme on Italy’s Fango Radio. The programme is curated by Map Ref 50°N 8°E

Episode No. 5 was a one hour playlist featuring Fovea Hex, Michael Begg and Colin Potter. It was a sensitively selected compilation, and I was surprised at how well the disparate elements played together – truly giving it a sense of ‘family’

The programme has been archived and is now available, for a limited time, on the station’s Mixcloud profile:

Part 5 / Fovea Hex, Michael Begg and Colin Potter


1: Fovea Hex – The Diamonds (from the album „Here Is Where We Used To Sing“,
2: Fovea Hex – Huge (The Joy of Trouble) (from the EP „Huge“, 2006)
3: Fovea Hex – Love For The Uncertain (from the album „Here Is Where We Used
To Sing“, 2011)
4: Michael Begg – Everyday Alchemy (from the album „Sonambulo“, 2019)
5: Fovea Hex – Long Distance (from the EP „Allure“, 2007)
6: Human Greed – Heat Death Prelude (from the album „World Fair“, 2014)
7: Human Greed – Chrysler (from the album „World Fair“, 2014)
8: Michael Begg – An Act of Balance (from the album „TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge“,
9: Colin Potter – It’s Coming (from the album „The Abominable Slowman“, 2017)
10: Michael Begg – Birth of Boatswain Bob (from the Album „Omega: OST“, 2013)
11: Fovea Hex – The Glacial Lake (Peter Chilvers Mix) (from the Digital-EP „The
Glacial Lake“, 2015)
12: Fovea Hex – Trisamma (from the EP „The Salt Garden 2″, 2019)
13: Michael Begg / Mélenchon Brève – Written On Egg White (from the album „One
True Vine“, 2017)
14: Fovea Hex – Jewelled Eyes (from the album „Here Is Where We Used To Sing“,