LIMINAL – Associate Artist Residency at The Queen’s Hall

I am beginning an Associate Artist Residency in the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, this autumn.

The LIMINAL residency will focus on the territory bordering experimental and classical music and comprises three strands; Liminal Labs, Liminal Nights and Liminal Showcases.

The LIMINAL season will enable the further development and consolidation of my group; The Black Glass Ensemble which will feature prominently throughout the programme.


Liminal Labs will draw together the Edinburgh science and art communities through data sonification. The Lab work will acknowledge and respond to the liminal territories of climate change, nationhood… survival. A number of public talks will complement the Labs.

Liminal Nights – Following a successful launch in July the Nights will continue to develop and provide an informal platform for local(ish) artists exploring the borders of marginal music and contemporary classical performance.

Liminal Showcase will be a series of four performances occurring at the Queen’s Hall throughout 2020. The showcases will feature very special guest artists as well as the Black Glass Ensemble.


This residency is made possible through the invaluable support of Creative Scotland’s National Lottery Funding, and has been aided by awards from Help Musicians UK.

Full details will be announced by the Queen’s Hall later in the month when the current annual chaos of the combined Edinburgh Festivals leaves town.