New New World Radio Guest Playlist

Moscow based NEW NEW WORLD RADIO broadcast my 2 hour guest playlist in May – but have now made the archive recording available on their Mixcloud page…

“Stamped by Edinburgh, Car Boot Cassettes, Oven Baked Bootleg Time Travels, Scottish Pop Sensibilities, Haunted Nostalgia, Hypodermic Intrusions to the Stillest Souls, Neighbours Landscapes… As the Engineer says, discretion is only part of it. This is geography: psycho, memory, intrusion. This is the art of song humped by a deeper calling”.

The Mixcloud page doesn’t give a lot of detail on the playlist so here is a list of the featured artists;  Maudlin Breasts, The Engineer, Will Sergeant, Daniel Patrick Quinn, Slag & Musty, Josef K, Lou Reed & John Cale, The Cure, Ulann Passerine, Paul Bowles, Trevor Morrison, Out Lines, Clade, Babcock’s Funerary Violin, :zoviet*france: Sons And Daughters, Lowlife, Nico, David Lang, Ensemble Tblisi, Edward Artemiev, Fovea Hex, John Luther Adams, Anne Briggs, Aidan Moffat & R. M. Hubbert, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Keith Jarrett, Pierre Raph, Arvo Pärt, R. D. Laing, Happily Ever After, Anthony Newley & Fiona Richmond. Three items are quite rude, and one is naughty.