Black Glass Ensemble

“Arise From The Twilight”

In the summer of 2018 I picked up a sharpie and made a poster advertising for band members – the same way we did when we played for post punk bands as teenagers. Only I was asking for a very different palette of sounds; strings, brass, bells and the breath of God.

I had a sound manifesting in the back of my mind, a music that could not be pinned down as ambient, jazz or classical, a sound that would provide a viscous medium into which to plunge as a player or as a listener. And in the heart of that sound would come… something. Call it what you like – solace? the space between?

Instinct told me that I could not do this alone. And so the poster was drawn up, old style. I posted the picture onto Facebook and Twitter, along with the line “Arise from the twilight of the American century, and recover our fundamental bond to *that* feeling, *that* midnight. *that* promise on the cold wind.”

I waited.

Fast forward a couple of months and the Black Glass Ensemble met in a rehearsal studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh, in late October.

I have no doubt that something significant is emerging from this activity. I am not being met by much resistance – and am much encouraged by the reception that even mentioning the name is receiving. There is much work to be done through this dark and looming winter, but it is my hope that come the spring we will be of service to you.

Black Glass Ensemble are:
Clea Friend (cello)
Julia Lungu (violin)
Amaya Lopez-Carromero (keys)
Douglas Caskie (percussion/vibraphone)
Neil Cuthbertson (Trumpet)
Jen Cuthbertson (French Horn)
Ben Ponton (forensics)
Michael Begg (erosions)