Breaking Reverie

I have provided music for Breaking Reverie, a new moving light sculpture from Glasgow based visual artist, Heather Lander.

The work was developed with the assistance of a Cryptic / Cove Park residency earlier in the year.

From the Cryptic website:

Presenting ideas of magic, natural phenomena and virtual landscapes, Heather Lander’s new work, Breaking Reverie, reflects on the natural world, with a view to understanding the ways in which the virtual will change our perception of the self and our physical landscape. Award winning composer,Michael Begg, provides a textured sonic backdrop for this immersive light sculpture.

The work will premiere at the Findhorn Bay Festival, Thu 27 – Sun 30, September, then will travel to the south west for a run at the Stove Network, Dumfries from Thu 11 – Sun 31 October.

I like Heather’s work a lot, and was very happy to become involved in this work. I saw an earlier piece of hers at the CCA during the last Sonica Festival. It felt very like being caught up in an eternal twilight (though I suspect optimists would consider it a dawn). The crepuscular half-light suggesting form and distance that never quite materialise always put me in mind of Lanark, in Alasdair Gray’s book, forever sitting on a cold balcony watching the crack of light far off in the dark sky.

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