Krakow: Ghost Conference

I was very happy to have contributed to a new longitudinal project, Ghost Conference, in Krakow, Poland last week. The project, which was hosted by the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, is described by the organisers as:

Ghost Conference is a multi-channel sound installation (probably) consisting of a music/auditive compositional layer, a vocal and soundscape storytelling layer (stories told by physical or metaphorical refugees and migrants from all over the world), a textual layer (spoken live or recorded by narrators), a techno-philosophical layer (told by humans or robots). The basic assumption of the work is a radical rejection of any hypostatic and monumental definition of identity (national, religious, traditional). Ghost Conference materialises in a virtual venue, where internet and telephone infrastructures provide the new sensorial organism to manifest its phenomena and co-extension in one and multiple places.

This opening event was themed, Migration.

I contributed a new piece of music with spoken text, which featured sampled clips of John Berger discussing the nature of identity and the impact upon it of forced migration.

I wish Marcin Barski and Paweł Krzaczkowski all good things in pushing this project forward.